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Management Studies and Entrepreneurship

YCCE after successfully having a prominent name in the field in engineering decided to start the Department of Management Studies and Entrepreneurship in the year 2023. The intake of First Year in 2023-24 was 60. It has been increased to 120 for the upcoming batch starting from 2024-25.  During the two year duration of the MBA Program, the students get ample opportunity to interact with the industry through regular guest lectures, workshops, industrial visits, live projects and industry internships. This adds to their knowledge and experience so that they become industry ready. 

The first batch of 66 students is a combination of commerce, management and engineering students. Some students also have work experience. The philosophy of department is to ensure a strong foundation of basic applications of management principles and applications. Students are offered rigorous application based activities and case studies to indulge in and hone their analytical and decision making skills. The program is a semester based program offering four semesters in two academic year. Students take up 6  months semester long industry internship in the last semester. The curriculum is exhaustive with inclusions of basics of all the various areas of management. The students are required to choose two specialization (dual specialisation) from the five specializations offered to them viz.,  Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Business Analytics.


To provide high quality education to create leaders and innovators who can excel globally.


  • To create innovative minds who can independently strategize 
  • To inculcate the spirit of research and critical thinking
  • To train aspirants on analytical approach to problem solving
  • To instil the skills of implementation for successful completion of large projects 
  • To provide a global purview of business

Program Educational Objectives

PEO I : Develop competency of building business models across core and allied to facilitate efficient solutions to business problems. 

PEO II : Cultivate team building and leadership capabilities while handling organizational processes in order to build strong organizational structure and culture.  

PEO III : Inculcate creative problem identification, research application, critical thinking, effective decision making and successful implementation of solutions.  

PEO IV : Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of ethical principles at both professional and community levels. 

PEO V : Ability to occupy positions of responsibility in organizations. Spearhead existing organizations as well as start-ups. 

PEO VI : Develop superior communication skills and positive attitude relevant to business

Program Outcomes

PO1 :  Apply functional knowledge to build strong implementable strategic decisions for organizational building basis on the environment analysis. 

PO2 : Create effective leadership and team building skills for lean organizations  

PO3 : Critically evaluate environment and situation, conduct in depth research, create and evaluate possible problem solutions and ensure effective execution. 

PO4 :  Instil the ethical aspects of management problems, value based decision making while ensuring financial viability 

PO5 : Ingrain intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial mind set for organizational building to fulfil the organizational mission and vision.

PO6 :  Execute organizational activities with an awareness towards legal, social and ethical aspects of business. 

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO) 

After the successful completion of this program, the business management graduates will be able to execute the following outcomes

PSO1: Ability to promote, run and sustain existing and new businesses which deliver value to its stakeholders.

PSO2: Ability to cope up and compete in the changing global business environment by designing strong functional process and developing sustainable competitive edge. 

Key Strengths

  • Infrastructure is as per AICTE norms. Department is equipped with smart classrooms and laboratory to fulfil the requirement of post graduate business education. 
  • MBA program has been designed as per global standards in association with Industry Experts. It deals with contemporary topics and issues of business management.  
  • Students get the advantage of dual specialization and can choose from five contemporary areas of Finance, marketing, Human Resource, Operations and Business Analytics.
  • Semester long internship in the last semester. 
  • Emphasis on building entrepreneurs.
  • MOU with Cambridge for Communication Skills 
  • Experiential Learning and Extensive Industry Exposure
  • Industry Linked Projects

It is a privilege and honor to establish and head the Department of Management Studies and Entrepreneurship (DMSE) for a core engineering college with an existence of almost four decades and offer a different flavor and natural progression for bachelor students. Management Studies offers  opportunities to students of various backgrounds to position themselves as skillful organizational builders as well as job creators. We strive to inculcate professional qualities in our students. The faculty members are experienced and experts in their fields of specialisations. MBA is the first program that has been offered by the department. 

At DMSE, my team together with me make efforts to ensure that our students have in depth subject knowledge, positive attitude, strategic decision making skills, understanding of implementation models and strong instinct to scan and manoeuvre through the future. We provide experiential learning and industry linked activities as our pedagogical approach. The students are provided with a multifaceted development opportunities and multi skill building prospects. I sincerely make extensive efforts in building exclusive career path for all my students. 

From the Desk of:

Dr.Smriti Verma

Head of the Department,

Department of Management Studies and Entrepreneurship


MBA (Marketing), Ph.D. 

Dr Smriti Verma has over two decades of experience in teaching in institutes like Hindustan University, Chennai, Prestige Institute of Management, Indore, and Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur, Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, Indore. She is attached to several institutes as Adjunct Faculty including Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, Germany and University of Vorarlberg, Austria. She has published over 60 research paper in national and international journals, 3 edited books and 14 case studies. Alongside she has facilitated several MDPs in the area of Branding and Marketing and FDPs on Case writing, Case Analysis, Research Paper writing and Research Methodology. During her corporate journey, she has lead project implementations in technology management companies. 


MBA (Finance), Ph.D. 

Dr. Anup Ranade has an experience of 6 years in industry and 11 years of teaching in management Institutions. He has worked in UAE for 4 years in Operations sector. Apart from teaching and developing careers of management students, he also regularly visits various organisations for training and consultancy in the field of accounting, finance and management. 



Ms.Snehal Patel has graduated from Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management. She is enthusiastic and passionate about her work and devoted to her profession. 

Master of Business Administrations. Specializations offered in II Year:  

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Human Resources

  • Operations 

  • Business Analytics

The program is a two year program delivered in the semester pattern. The program is delivered with a combination of classroom teaching sessions, self-directed and faculty modulated activities, industry delivered courses, skill building workshops, industry based projects along with a semester long internship. 

Best Practices

  • Industry linked curriculum with an exhaustive syllabus touching all areas of Management, which is upgraded at frequent intervals
  • Lab based course on Entrepreneurship Development to promote the spirit of job creators.
  • All courses embedded with application based activities, case studies and industry oriented exercises. 
  • Multiple class activities to build contemporary business knowledge and current affairs in every semester.
  • Personality and Attitude building Workshops.
  • Rigour in delivery of courses with participative teaching.
  • Industry exposure with Industry Based Projects and Internships, Industrial Visits and Semester long Industry Internships.
  • Application based assessments with case studies and business situation solutions as an integral part.
  • Each subject having contemporary topics compulsorily
  • Contemporary specialization streams to choose dual specialization from. 
  • Research focus building activities.  
  • Regular sessions of industry experts and top leaders from industry are conducted for the students which gives them real life industry perspectives of all.

The Department has a Students  Executive Body and various committees and clubs as under.

  1. The Student Executive Body  – This consist of a President, Secretary and Treasurer who take care of overall functioning of all the committees and clubs and other students activities.
  2. Placement Committee – This committee has the responsibility of Projects, Internships and Placements of all the students of MBA.
  3. Events Committee – This committee takes care of organization of various events in the department as well as participation in events being organised in other institutes.
  4. Sports Committee –  This committee takes care of organization of various sports events in the department as well as participation in sports events being organised in other institutes.
  5.  Media Committee – This committee has the responsibility of brand building and promotion of department activities in various social media platforms.
  6. Hospitality Committee – This committee takes care of the hospitality of department guests, as well as stage management of all the events.
  7.  Entrepreneurship Club – This is a group of students who are enthusiastic about starting a business and they develop business plans and also encourage others to do so.  
  8. Corporate Relations Committee – The prime responsibility of Corporate Relations Committee is to develop and maintain good relations with corporate connects of the department and institute.
  9. CSR Club – This is a group of students involved in social service and activities related to social responsibilities.  

Guest Lectures Conducted at DMSE


Name of speaker




Ms. Kasturi

Mr. Pavan Kharate

Digital Marketing



Mr.Pankaj Sahijwani

Axe Your Tax



Mr.Pankaj Sahijwani

Financial Wellness Enhancement Training Program (Your First Pay Cheque)



Dr. A. Shrihari Krishna

Cultivating Mindset



Mr. Prashant Kale

Team Building



Ms. Saloni

Digital Workshop

08-11-2023, 09-11-2023, 10-11-2023


Mr. Naveen dubey

Insurance sector



Mr. Nischay Sinha

MBA Introduction



Dr. Surendra Gole

Orientation Day


On November 17, students embarked on an enlightening industrial visit to Tata Advanced Systems at Mihan, where they gained firsthand insights into the details of production units. This immersive experience offered them a valuable opportunity to witness cutting-edge manufacturing processes and technology in action.

  • Digital Skills: – The Digital Skills Workshop held from November 8-10 provided students with a hands-on learning experience, empowering them with essential digital literacy and proficiency. Students gained practical insights and honed their skills in navigating the digital landscape, enhancing their ability to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven world.
  • Professional Management: – Professional Management 6 days’ Workshop provided students with a comprehensive platform for honing essential managerial skills. Students gained valuable insights and practical tools to enhance their leadership capabilities, fostering professional growth and organizational success.