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YCCE Information Brochure

Academic Council

Board of Management

(2024-25 to 2028-29)

Recommended Composition of BOM.BOM Members
ChairmanShri. Dattaji Meghe, Chairman
Chairman-Nagar Yuvak Shikshan Sanstha
Members nominated by the registered society/trust (2-5)Shri. Ravi D. Meghe
Secretary, Nagar Yuwak Shikshan Sanstha
Shri. Sameer ji Meghe,
Treasurer, Nagar Yuwak Shikshan Sanstha
Dr. S.R. Wate,
Ex-Chairman, Recruitment & Assessment Board, CSIR, New Delhi
Dr. H. O. Thakare,
Chief Operating Officer, Ciensys Tech. Ltd.
Nominee of UGC.Prof. Suryanarayana Doolla, Department of Energy Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai-M.S.
Technical expert nominated by Management for Autonomous workingDr. N.C. Shivaprakash,
Ex-Professor, IISc. Bangalore
Nominee of the AICTEEx-officio, Sh. John Hongray,
Nominee of the affiliating  universityDr. N.G. Bawane,
Principal, Jhulelal Institute of Technology, Off. Koradi Road, Lanora, Nagpur.
Nominee of the state governmentDr. Sachin Solanki
I/C Joint Director, Technical Education, Regional
Office, Nagpur (Ex-officio).
Principal of the institute (Ex-Officio)Dr. Uday P. Waghe,
Member Secretary

Two faculty members were nominated from the regular staff of the institute.

( 1 Prof. +1 Asso. Prof.)

Dr. Mrs. M.M. Kshirsagar,
Professor, Department of Computer Technology.
Prof. N.J. Giradkar,
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering.


In view of the current education scenario Nationally / Globally, and Govt. Policies, for Quantitative and Qualitative expansion of Higher Technical Education in the Country, the Meghe Group’s Engineering Institutions are keen to play a significant role in providing excellence in education by adhering to the national/international benchmark and become a role model for other institutions, Hence, an Academic Advisory Board is constituted from 2008 to guide the institutions towards excellence in education.

Academic Council (Tenure 2021-24)
Category SN Members Email-id Mob. Designation
The Principal as Chairman 1 Dr. U.P. Waghe 9764996477 Professor in Civil Engg, YCCE, Nagpur; and Principal
Nominee of VC 2 Dr. S.S. Dhale 9822577961 Principal, Priyadarshini College of Engineering, Digdoh Hills, CRPF Hills, Near CRPF Campus, NAGPUR.
Nominee of VC 3 Dr. Sanjay Kelo 9421818770 Principal, Nagarjuna Institute of Engineering & Technology & Management, Satnavari, Amravati Road, NAGPUR – 440 023
Nominee of VC 4 Dr.P.D. Pachpor 9822224647 Professorl, Deptt. of Civil Engineering, Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, RamdeoTekdi, Gittikhadan, Katol Road, Nagpur
4 outside experts from Industry, Commerce Law, Education, Medicine, Engg. etc, to be nominated by the Governing Body 5 Prof. Dr. N.C. Siva Prakash, Professor, IISc, Bangalore 9449086370/ 9945274628 Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012
6 Shri Amol Deshpande, 9987671720 Sr. Manager – HR, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Mumbai
7 Shri Swapnil Shukla, 9059141962 Senior Talent Partner (APAC Region) GitHub (Microsoft), Hyderabad.
8 Shri Urvish Pandey 9033022232 Lead – Campus Recruitment & University Relations, Mastercard India, Pune-M.S.
9 Dr. S.P. Raut 9422826611 Head, Dept of Civil Engg, YCCE, Nagpur
10 Dr. J.P. Giri 9822929871 Head, Dept of Mech Engg, YCCE, Nagpur
11 Dr. S.G. Kadwane 9730459847 Head, Dept of Electrical Engg, YCCE, Nagpur
All HODs 12 Dr. R.D. Thakare 9423603236 Head, Dept of Electronics Engg, YCCE, Nagpur
13 Dr. M.S. Narlawar 9763822298 Head, Dept of Eletronics and Telcomm, YCCE, Nagpur
14 Dr. Mrs. R.D. Wajgi 9970238062 Head, Dept of Computer Tech, YCCE, Nagpur
15 Dr. R.C. Dharmik 9158003335 Head, Dept of Information Tech, YCCE, Nagpur
16 Dr. L.B. Damahe 9823289971 Head, Dept of Computer Science & Engineering, YCCE, Nagpur
17 Dr. Mrs. M.A. Adak 8793435532 Head, Dept. of Mathematics and Humanities, YCCE, Nagpur
18 Dr. Mrs. H.V. Ganvir 9011099089 Head, Dept. of Physics, YCCE, Nagpur
19 Dr. Mrs. P. U. Waghe 9823142770 Head, Dept of Chemistry, YCCE, Nagpur
4 teachers of the college representing different categories of teaching staff by rotation on the basis of seniority of service in the college. 20 Dr. S.V. Prayagi 9923172950 Registrar, YCCE
21 Dr. A.R. Bhagat Patil 8552963777 Asso. Professor in Computer Technology, YCCE, Nagpur; and Dean (P&D)
22 Prof. D.R. Raut 9764996479 Associate Professor in Civil Engg, YCCE, Nagpur; and Controller of Examinations
23 Dr. Ms. U.H. Gawande 9822909287 Dean (R&D), YCCE, Nagpur.
Invitee 24 Dr. Mrs. G.M. Dhopavkar 9822087970 Dean (T&P), YCCE, Nagpur.
25 Dr. Aniket P. Munshi 9158000491 Dean (Student Activities)
1 faculty member nominated by the Principal (Member Secretary) 26 Dr. A.V. Patil, Dean (Academic Matters) 9822461251 Professor in Civil Engg, YCCE, Nagpur; and Dean Academic Matters
Sr. No.
Name of Member Category Designation within BoS Name of Institution/ Industry
Dr.S.P.Raut Head of Department Chairman YCCE
Ms. C.S. Waghmare Faculty Member Member Secretary YCCE
Dr.Mangesh Madurwar External Subject Expert Member Asst. Professor, VNIT, Nagpur
Dr. Manmohan Dass Goel External Subject Expert Member Asst. Professor, VNIT, Nagpur
Dr. A.D. Ghare University Nominee Member Professor, VNIT, Nagpur
Er.Jagdish Lanjewar 1 Industry / Corporate Sector allied area related Member Director, SET Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur
Mr. Sanjeev Harinkhede, Post-Graduate – Meritorious Alumnus Member Asstt. Prof. S.B. Jain ITMR. Nagpur
All Faculty Members Faculty Member Member YCCE