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Best Engineering College In Nagpur

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Electronics Engineering

Electronics Laboratories

List of program specific Labs
  Name of Laboratory Room No.
1 Digital System Design Lab/Electronic Circuit Design Lab ET-0-05
2 Microcontroller Lab/Embedded Systems Lab ET-0-06
3 Electronics Devices Lab ET-0-07-A
4 Digital Circuits Lab ET-3-25
5 Electronics Workshop Lab ET-0-10
6 Analog Integrated Circuits Lab ET-1-15
7 Electronic Instrumentation / Virtual Instrumentation  Lab ET-11-6
8 Programing Lab/Electronics Lab ET-1-02
9 Project Lab ET-1-11
10 Research Lab ET-0-13
Labs Details
Sr. No.
Laboratory description in the curriculum Lab-In Charge Lab- Co-In Charge Lab Asst/Tech Asst/Lab Attendant Area Major Equipments Total Investment (in Rupees)
Digital System Design/ Electronic Circuit Design Lab P. P. Zode S. M. Kakde P. Chinchkhede 66. 8 sq m FPGA / CPLD board Quartus-II Software NIOS-II Software & Development Board 42,94,070
Microcontroller / Embeded Systems Lab S. Y. Ambatkar Dr. Y. A. Suryawanshi B. B. Rotke 66. 8 sq m TK Logic Analyzer, Universal Trainer Kit, 8085 kits, P4 Computers, DSO 28,03,527
Electronics Devices Lab P. M. Palsodkar V. D. Alagdeve Mr. D. S. Ambulkar 66. 8 sq m CRO, Function Generator, Duel Power Supply, PROTEUS VSM microcontroller Design and simulation software. 11,60,289
Digital Circuits Lab Kuldeep Pande Minakshee Saudagar 48. 85 sq m Logic Aid Software, Bread Board, ICs 2,28,750
Electronics Workshop Lab Mrs. P. P. Zode R. N. Tidke 89. 97 sqm ORCAD Software, PCB Machine, 11,44,287
Analog Integrated Circuits Lab A. V. Gokhale Y. A. Gaidhani Khushboo Gaware 90. 77 sqm CRO, DSO, Function Generator, Dual Power Supply, IC Trainer Kit, Experimentation kit 6,16,316
Electronic Instrumentation / Virtual Instrumentation  Lab R. S. Balpande Sakshi Gondane 75. 91 sqm Lab VIEW software, ELVIS, Sensors, NI DAQ Cards , Bridges 42,57,329
Soft Computing Lab S. A Dhondse Minakshee Saudagar 101. 41Sq m MATLAB, LogicAid, Computers 7,40,500
PG Electronics Lab Dr. P. P. Palsodkar Payal Kale 75. 91 sqm, PC,Pojectror, MATLAB 13,42,776
PG Project Lab(DST FIST) Pradnya Jadhav Prachi Shende 75. 91 sqm, MATLAB, Tanner Tools, Computers, 22,19,088
Research Lab Dr. U. S. Ghodeswar B. B. Rotke 38. 64 sqm, IEEE Access, Internet Connection, Tanner Tools, Calibration Setup 19,85,258