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Civil Engineering


Major Equipment and Facilities

Computer Lab of the department is well equipped with 162 computers in three computer laboratories

  • Proseque Hammer for Non destructive testing of concrete.
  • Plate Lode test apparatus.
  • Triaxial Compressive strength apparatus.
  • Profometer (Rebar locator).
  • Shotcrete gun.
  • Computer Lab of the department is well equipped with 105 computers.
  • Software line: Bentley Academic Select 2017 which consists Staad Pro 2017, WaterGems, SewerGems etc. STAAD Pro and Auto Civil Ver-7, ETABS 2016.
  • Software consisting of 11 modules performs calculation analysis, design and drafting for areas of surveying mapping, earth worth and Hydraulics.

    List of program specific Labs

    SNName of the LaboratoryAssigned Number to the Laboratory Room
    1Strength of Material LaboratoryCE 0-02
    2Transportation Engineering LaboratoryCE 0-06
    3Structural Analysis LaboratoryCE 0-07
    4Fluid Mechanics LaboratoryCE-0-09
    5Geotechnical Engineering LaboratorySH-02
    6Concrete Technology LaboratorySH-03
    7Survey LaboratorySH-04
    8Water Supply & Sanitary LaboratoryCE 1-04
    9Computer Laboratory- ICE 1-03
    10Computer Laboratory – IICE 1-05
    11Computer Laboratory-IIICE 1-02
    12Environmental Chemistry LaboratoryCE-1-11 A
    13Structural Dynamics LaboratoryCE-1-09 A
    14Engineering MechanicsSC-B-01

    Labs Details

    S.N. Name of labName of Lab In-chargeAssistant Lab In-chargeSupporting StaffAreaMajor EquipmentTotal Investment (In Rupees)
    1Strength of Material Laboratory  Dr. V.G. Meshram  Mr.S.W. Dhengare  Mr. D.S. Tiwari76.21 Sq.MUniversal testing machine with all accessories359165.65
    2Transportation Engineering LaboratoryDr. S.R. KhandeshwarMs. A.A. YadavMr. P.H. Lute75.72 Sq. M.Dig. Marshal Apparatus, Single Speed Digital AIM-550-2, Compression testing machine digital919088.40
    3Structural Laboratory  Dr. S.P. Raut  Ms. V.N. Mendhe  Mr. Y.N. Choudhary76.21 Sq. M.10 Ten loading frame619038.05
    4Fluid Mechanics LaboratoryDr. R.R. DighadeMs. A.A. YadavMr. D.S. Tiwari86.69 Sq. M.Bernoullis Theorem apparatus, Discharge Over Notches1320290.56
    5Geotechnical Engineering LaboratoryDr. S.R. KhandeshwarMr. J.M. RautMr. R.S. Mahabudhe96.53 Sq. M.Consolodation Apparatus three gange, New Bench Type Model Electronic, Trizxial Test Apparatus1915003.18
    6Concrete Technology LaboratoryDr. A.V. PatilMr. P.K. HingeMr. P.H. Lute286 Sq.M.Profometer, Cement gun with accessories, Pundit Ultaqsonic Testing Instrument, Humidity Chamber / Stability Chamber, Compression testing machine 200 T electrically operated4342500.37
    7Survey Laboratory  Mr. H.R. Nikhade  Mr.S.G.Kalamkar  Mr. A.G. Warhade84.80 Sq. M.Total station with accessories1282205.34
    8Water Supply Laboratory    Dr. S.V. Ambekar    Mr. K.S. Ansari    P.K.Meghe76.65 Sq. M.Pollution Testing Equipments – Smoke meter, Digital spectrophoto meter Type 118, Digital Reactor Block1768167.38
    9Computer Laboratory- I  Dr. V.G. Meshram  Mr.D.G. Agrawal  Mr. Y.N. Choudhary71.88 Sq. M.Autodesk Educational Solution Set (Civil), STARD Pro. V8i Single User8660689.69
    10Computer Laboratory- IIDr. V.G. MeshramMs. M.R. WaghMr. Y.N. Choudhary76.21 Sq. MAutodesk Educational Solution Set (Civil)2144081.19
    11Computer Laboratory-III  Dr. V.G. Meshram  Mr.D.G. AgrawalMr. Y.N. Choudhary76.21 Sq. M.Academic select offeering1169999.99
    12Environmental Chemistry LaboratoryDr. S.V. AmbekarMs. C.S. WaghmareP.K.Meghe79.00  Sq. MInvested Trincular Microscope – 6000 DCT H                                                                                             Image Analysis Software                                           Phase Conctrast Atlachment296706.38
    13Structural Dynamics LaboratoryMs. S.G. HirekhanMr. R.S. Mahabudhe57.36 Sq. M.Real Time Analysis, Impulse Force Hammer817378.03  
    14Engineering Mechanics LaboratoryMr. B.P. NandurkarMr. A.S. KurzekarMr. Y.N. Choudhary153.49 Sq. M.

    Universal Force Table, Fletcher’s trolley


Areas of Consultancy
  • Ferro Cement, Fly ash Utilization, Concrete mix design.
  • CADD.
  • Structural analysis and design of Buildings & Industrial structure.
  • Non Destructive Testing of concrete.
  • Design of environmental structures and system.
  • Contouring and other survey work.
  • Plate Load Test and other Soil Test.
  • Design of treatment units for water & waste water.
  • Rehabilitation of structures.
  • Third Party Technical Audit of Civil works for Municipal Councils. (09 Municipal Councils)
Testing Facilities & Departmental Projects
  • Tension, Compression, Shear, and Flexure test on materials include steel bars tile.
  • Fatigue test on metals.
  • Tests on concrete mortar and cements.
  • Non Destructive Testing of concrete.
  • Testing of wall panels, bricks and blocks.
  • Physical and chemical characterization of water & wastewater.
  • Tests on soil samples including triaxial test and direct shear test, Plate lo

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