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The Future of Energy Storage “Super Capacitor"

Super Capacitor sounds similar to Super Computer and yes it is really a super device, it is like our normal capacitor having extra features many people are not aware of this device and irony is there are very few people who are thinking beyond this Super Capacitor. Well known company Tesla is one of them; Tesla purchased Super Capacitor technology from Maxwell Company and started working on it. We all know about lead batteries, lithium batteries but Super Capacitor is going to dominate these batteries as most of the researcher says that in 21st century Super Capacitor will be the best energy storage device.

 And now the question arises in mind that how this Super Capacitor is dominating other energy storage devise? The answer is due to its features, feature in terms of efficiency and life cycle, here life cycle means number of times it charge and discharge. The efficiency of lithium battery is 70 percent to 75 percent and efficiency of Super Capacitor is 98 percent. In terms of life cycle lithium battery has 1000 life cycles whereas Super Capacitor has 12000 life cycles.

Er. Yogesh S. Kale

Partner of Medtronics Equipment
Assistant Professor ETC Department YCCE College