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All About MBA

Youngsters nowadays perceive MBA degree as an entry pass to get the managerial position or white collar job. However, MBA has much more to offer and needs to be seen from the different broader perspective and for this purpose this article is written which is going to help the aspirants to explore and understand the MBA in a better way and make a career choice accordingly.
The origin of MBA course traced back to Industrial Revolution which brought the need for the people to work in different capacities under different standards of business. 

Due to this manpower had to evolve to develop new skills to effectively manage their business undertaking and organization.
Aspirants of MBA course should be clear with reason as to why to pursue the MBA course and how it is beneficial for the career and this course should not be taken just because it’s in a trend or to follow your friends or relatives footsteps. Selection of MBA course requires thorough research and professional guide as in todays scenario there exist a massive career choice to choose from and so many educated people are competing for those career. In this scenario finding the right educational program is a challenge and if its business that one wants to pursue then it’s a good idea to enroll in the MBA program which provide with the requisite knowledge and skill to fit into the business community MBA program is the correct choice.
When I am specifically mentioning business it is not restricted to entrepreneurs but include with its horizon working of every kind of business which other business person are handling by being part of their team as this is a real benefit of the MBA course that it gives a person overview of business instead of restricting individual to some department, function or process and it increase the capability of an individual to see a broader picture and overview the business in an integrative form

MBA Offerings

MBA course is a post graduate degree that provides :

  • Theoretical concepts which lays the foundation of all Business
  • It is more practical oriented as its concepts are universal in nature and include within its purview self, organizational, society and any type of management.
  • It works on developing soft as well hard skill in the areas of leadership and management
  • It opens up opportunity across the country and provides career growth
  • It equip MBA students to become entrepreneur
Pursuing MBA

Choice of pursing MBA Courses is very overwhelming as it has opportunity in India and abroad. However, if one can structure the option and knock out the option that doesn’t suit decision becomes easier.


  • Full Time MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Part Time MBA
  • Correspondence Course
  • Types of MBA courses
  • Online Course
    Each courses has its own advantages and disadvantages however full time MBA format can provide more comprehensive The duration of MBA course range from 1 to 2 years and it may be extended for part time programs.

    While selecting an institute to pursue MBA the following parameters needs to be considered including Institute Ranking, Institute Affiliation and Association, Placement Statistics, teachers background and experience, Infrastructure of College, Library, Alumni Feedback etc.
    Fresh Graduates who are not keen to work abroad and are willing to work in India they can opt for top MBA programs including IIM’s two year program. On completion of course they can secure jobs through campus placement.

    For Experienced professional  there are one year MBA course for executive which includes ISB-PGP, IIMA-PGPX, IIMB-EPGP, IIMC-PGPeX. These program are also fiture in the prestigious FT Global Ranking In case of International MBA program especially those who have global ranking, the admission criteria are more complex and competitive as aspirants of other countries are also vying for it. The GMAT or the GRE is just one parameter and beside this Institute focus on overall candidate profile including academics, work experience, Co-curricular and extra curricular involvement. Aspirants needs to have high quality essays and recommendations along with GMAT score and shortlisted candidates usually go through rigorous interview round. 
MBA Benefits

One can expect good outcome of pursuing MBA course and apparently it can be traced under :

  • Increase in Salary
  • Develop attitude and aptitude of becoming entrepreneur
  • Open up better career opportunities
  • Give chance to develop Professional networking
  • It gives an opportunity to enhance skill while working
  • Credibility in an industry and organization gets increased
  • Credentials gets world wide recognition
  • It enhance the knowledge
  • It enhance the Communication Skill
  • It gives an opportunity to work on personal development
MBA course details

During initial phase the MBA course Syllabus covers the core subjects which includes :
Principles of Management, Managerial Economics, Corporate Finance, Strategy/ Framework, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Organizational Behavior, Information Technology, Accountacy etc
After laying down the basic foundation, then the candidates have the option of specializing in any area as per their interest which can be done by choosing from various electives which can be chosen considering Interest area, market demand, Job Availability and the compensation package Some of the MBA specialization which are high in demand are :

  • MBA Finance : MBA in finance is one of the most preferred MBA specialization which covers subjects like costing, budgeting, international finance, capital management etc and it has scope in the following field  Banking sector, Insurance Industry, Mutual funds Industry, Stock Exchange and Financial consulting etc and the incumbent handles the important functions pertaining to  Assent Management, Corporate finance, Corporate Banking, Credit risk Management, Treasury, Private Equity, Hedge Fund Management, Derivative Structuring etc
  • MBA in Marketing : MBA in Marketing offers to aspirants a very a very lucrative, dynamic and competitive career. It helps a students to understand Marketing Mix, Marketing strategy, Consumer Behaviour and many other skills that covers the marketing activities of Product/Sevice. For Marketing one  needs to have excellent communication skill and resource mobilization skill and a zeal and passion to excel in the respective field. By opting this branch one can become Marketing Manager, Head of Digital Marketing, Product Manager, Media Planner, Sales Manager, Brand Manager, Corporate Sales Manager and Market Research Analyst
  • MBA in  Human Recourse Management (HRM) : MBA in HR Management can be opted by a person who want to become part of HR Function and Strategies. The HR activities includes Recruitment, Selection, Workforce Cultural Diversity Management, Merger and acquisition, Managing demand and supply of Labour. If an individual possess good communication and convincing skill and have good personality can become trainer also it is for those who want to probe in the psychology of employees. After opting this course one can become Recruitment Manager, Pay roll Manager, Training and Development Manager, Human Welfare Management, Human Resource Strategic Manager Talent Management; Retention Management; Reward Management.  
  • MBA in International Business (IB) : With the advent of Industrialisation, Liberalisation, MBA in International Business came in demand it provides insight into organizational competency required for International business activities and it impart skills pertaining to import export international marketing and finance etc. Some functions which may be taken by an incumbent includes Export and Import Manager, Foreign Exchange Manager, International Finance Manager, International  Marketing, International Logistics, International Business Development Director,  International Trade and Customs Manager, International Foreign Policy Advisor. In addition, MBA in International Business gives an opportunity to individual to travel around the world and get cross cultural perspective.
  • MBA in Operation Management : MBA in Operation Management helps an individual to deal with Production and Shop Floor activities. It helps in maintaining process flow and develop vendor and inter department relation. Most candidates with Engineering though it is not obligatory to have Engineering Background go for this MBA Operation, as it given an edge over their peers in product development, designing and resource optimization. you in dealing with Production Management or Shop Floor Management related functions. You learn how to maintain process flows, develop vendor and inter-departmental relationships.  The Person can become Production Manager, Shop floor Management, Vendor Management, Logistic Manager, Factory Manager, etc
  • MBA in  Information Technology (IT) : MBA in Information Technology is designed to manage the plan, design, select, implement and administer the information technology and software. IT aspirant play a pivotal role in providing solution with respect to hardware and software related problem and they get exposure of various subject which includes information management system, system analysis and design, data base management, legal and ethical software business practice, financial analysis of technology, information technology infrastructure management and computer security etc . So if the aspirant has any technical graduation degree or relevant degree and competence can opt for MBA in IT as it will help them in career advancement  
  • MBA in  Supply Chain Management : With emergence of variety of channel of distribution MBA in supply chain management holds a special position in the field of business management. This includes opting and selecting appropriate channel  of distribution, inventory management, warehousing and transportation and every aspect to ensure that goods and services reach to consumer from the producers. This course can be pursued by any graduates of any branch and this course equip the candidates for handling and logistic and transportation, preparing supply chain model, national and international logistic supply chain management strategy.
  • MBA in Rural Management : MBA in Rural Management is the most upcoming and popular course as it is in huge demand with industry who focus on rural business. There in immense potential in rural market growth considering the Indian economy. Any graduate can apply for MBA in Rural Management. Career opportunities after attaining the degree lies  is with NGO, Research Institute, government, Semi Government, industry and Rural business. There is also a chance to join hands with united Nation in carrying out any project and social research agencies. One also gets an opportunity to work with reputed companies under CSR activities ( Corporate social responsibility) which is mandatory for companies listed on stock exchange of India.
  • MBA in  Agri Business Management :  Business related to Agriculture is yet another important vital of India and MBA in Agriculture is gaining momentum as there are so many opportunities lies which will uplift the agri business of India. In this course aspirants learns to manage business or organization which produce, process, market and merchandise agricultural products for consumers. In this management, marketing and financial skills are required with a special emphasis on the requirement of agriculture sector . Any graduate can opt for this course and this course provides insight into national and international guidelines on Agriculture along with distribution technique, cost evaluation, administration and operation, advertising and promotion etc As a MBA graduate in this particular field one can have various option open like Agriculture, horticulture, food industry, farm engineering and livestock industry .
  • MBA in  Health Care Management : MBA in healthcare covers business practices related to Healthcare industry with special focus on its management and administration. This course gives exposure to interact with the hospital authorities, medical practitioner, insurance company executive and an individual plays many roles to ensure the smooth functioning of the working of the hospital. If anybody wish to become part of the hospital operation then this course is apt as after the course one can expect to perform  in the various organization which includes but not limited to Health Insurance Company, Medical Tourism Companies, Multispeciality Hospital, Diagnostic Laboratory, Primary Health care, Health care It, Market research organization, wellness centers etc.

I hope all the points covered in this article will help the aspirant to understand MBA from various perspective and would help them to identify the path through which they are going to achieve their dreams, vision and goals of life.

Dr. Arvinder Kour

Astt.Professor- Deptt of Science, Maths, Humanities and Management Department,
Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering,
Wanadongri, Nagpur