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Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Event

Sr.No. Name of the activity and its Details Durations Coordinators details No of participants
1 Six days STTP on”Emerging Trends in Antenna Design”in Asso with IETE 21 Dec 20-26 Dec 20 Dr.S.S.Khade Dr.D.B.Bhoyar 73
1 Certification Course On “Industrial Training based on PLC & SCADA”under the Agies of IQAC and IETE 19,25, & 26 September 2021 Dr.V.D.Bondre Prof.R.P.Kamdi 120
2 ISTE approved Certification Course On “VLSI Design using EDA tools “”under the Agies of IQAC 23rd,24th and 30th October 2021 Dr. Bharati Masram Dr.V.D.Bondre 250 students And (4 outsides)
3 ISTE approved Certification Course On “MATLAB, Multisim & Orcad “under the Agies of IQAC and ISTE 9th,10th & 23rd Oct 2021 Dr.P.D.Dorge Dr.M.S.Dorle Prof.A.A.Madankar 197
4 Value added course on”Computer Vision and machine learning  applications” 27th Dec 2021 to 01 Jan 2022 Prof.K.P.Kamble Prof.M.S.Ghute 107
1 Student development program on “Advances in Embedded systems and IoT” 25 June to 1 July 2020 Prof.S.A.Desai Prof.C.S.Gode 81
2 one week online Student development program on “Arduino” in association with “spoken tutorial project “ Indian Institute of Technology ,Bombay 28th Oct 2020 to 02 November 2020 (06 days) Dr.M.L.Keote Prof.Sujata Chiwande 45
3 Three days online SDP on ”Introduction to Python “in association with “spoken tutorial project “ Indian Institute of Technology ,Bombay 23 Nov 2020 to 25th Nov 20 (03 days) Dr.P.D.Dorge Prof.S.N.Nitnaware 182
1 One Day Workshop on “Hands on online Multisim Live simulator” 03 Oct 2021 Prof.A.A.Madankar 100
2 One day workshop on” Machine Learning with python” 7th Nov 2021 Dr.Y.U.Chitriv 41
3 One day workshop on “Intellectual property Rights” 21 dec 2021 Prof Y.S.Kale 24
1 Three days workshop on “Deep Learning Applications: Development to Deployment” under ISTE Student Chapter YCCE in collaboration with GCOE, Nagpur and DesignTech Pvt. Ltd. Pune June 23 To June 25 2020 Dr. Mrs. A. D. Belsare, Dr. N. D. Rehpade, ETC, YCCE   207
2 One day online workshop on “Campus Placement Orientation” under IEEE SB YCCE (SB No. 31221) 08 August 2020 Dr. Y. U. Chitriv (Dubey) Dr. M.S.Dorle 144
3 Two days workshop on”Basics of 3D Model designing on Fusion 360 Software” 1th -2nd August 2020 Mrs. M.S. Ghute / Mrs. K.P.Kamble 62
4 Two days online workshop on “Python and its applications” 25-26 July 2020 Er.Ashwin Balani,CEO,First impression Technologies,Nagpur 63 (0nline)
5 Three days an online workshop on “Industrial Controlling Systems using PLC and Scada” 10th, 11th and 24th October 2020 Mr. Amit Rao (Industry Expert) Krish Infotech Nagpur 45
6 Five Days Online Workshop  On “C and CPP”  In Association with “Spoken Tutorial Project” Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. 4th -8th Nov 2020       Madhuri Ganesh 57
7 Two Days Workshop on Circuit Designing  and  Simulation using LT Spice 08-Nov 20 & 22 Nov 20 Prof. A. A. Madankar, Prof. M. S. Patil 54
8 One day workshop on Handling of Electronics Equipment 09 Dec 20 Prof. Dhiraj Thote 08
9 Six days “Certification course on “Design, fabrication and Testing of Antenna and Design issue in Modern Antenna” 8th March -13th March 2021 Prof.A.A.Madankar 100
10 Five days workshop on “IOT based applications” 30th March-3rd April 2021 Prof. Sandeep Desai Prof,.C.S.Gode Prof.D.K.Thote 40
11 Five days workshop on “Various trends in IoT” under the ageis of: – Centre of Excellence, YCCE, NAGPUR 18th – 22nd April 2021 Prof. Anagha Choudhari Prof. Nivedita Pande 20
12 Two days workshop on”Introductionto data Science and Analysis 24th & 25th April 2021 Prof. D.K. Thote 68
13 One day workshop on “Intellectual property rights (IPR)” 15th May 2021 Prof.Y.S.Kale 22
1 Half day workshop on”Aptitude preparation Demystified” 27 Nov 2021 Dr.M.S.Dorle 61
2 Half day workshop on”Interacting with MATLAB Environment “ 09 Oct 2021 Dr.N.D.Rehpade 191
3 Half day workshop on”Internet of things using Raspberry pi” 24th Oct 2021 Prof.S.A.Desai 27
4 Half day workshop on”E-Yantra Robot” 23rd Oct 2021 Prof.C.S.Gode 24
5 Half day workshop on”Circuit Design using OrCAD”   23 Oct 2021 Dr.P.D.Dorge 142
1 Half day workshop on”Circuit Design using OrCAD” 24th Nov 2020 Prof.Yogesh Kale 100
2 Webinar on “Career opportunities as a Business/Data Analytics”. 27 March 2021 Prof.D.K.Thote 42
3 Webinar on “Systematic Innovation and Systems Engineering” in association with IRO, YCCE. 31 March 2021 Prof.D.K.Thote 43
4 Webinar on” Prototype Validation: Converting Prototype into a  startup” 15th May 2021 Dr.N.D.Rehpade 100