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NOTICE:- YCCE 10th Graduation Ceremony: Join Us on Feb 24, 2024, 11 AM @ Shri Datta Meghe Auditorium, YCCE Campus, Nagpur!

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You are the creature of your own Destiny

Indian Scenario of Career Choice

India is a cultural heritage. It’s social and cultural demonism plays a crucial role in career selection of youth. It is found that Indian youth is more influenced by family expectation, status, peer influence as well as interaction with other social agents while doing career selection. Professional prestige, job accessibility, job security were identified as an important deciding factor for youth career decision making in India. Most importantly parental influences were found to be significant in youth career selection than personal choice.

Know your Interest before making career choice
Before making engineering as career choice make sure about your interest in mathematics and logical analysis. Opportunities and scopes are available in every field although the scope might keep changing as new trends, technologies and requirements emerge with each year.

Before choosing any engineering branch ask question to yourself

1) Whether you are passionate in that particular field?                  
If you are choosing a course simply based on its job possibilities, then you are going to be stuck in a course that you hate and you have to struggle to complete it. Then you will be trapped in a job that you have no skill or interest in it. So it is very important to go for a branch that is of your interest.
Ultimately, you have to find your passion and purpose of your life; you are the creature of your own Destiny.

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