Faculty Achievements

Grant received by Faculty

Name of faculty
Scheme Funding Agency Year of Award with Duration Amount
Dr.U.H. Gawande, Prof.S.G.Kale
AICTE AICTE 2021-2022 3,00,000/-
AICTE/ATAL AICTE 2020-2021 93,000/-
AICTE AICTE 2020-2021 2,84,667/-
AICTE AICTE 2020-2021 2,46,667/-

NPTEL Course done by faculty

Name of faculty
Course Name Duration Score
S W Shende
Introduction to Machine Learning 4 months 75%
S W Shende
Deep Learning for Computer Vision 6 months 80%
problem solving through programming in C 2 week 80%
Mr.Bhushan Bawankar
Problem solving through programming in C. 12 week Pass
NPTEL course on Design analysis of algorithm 8 weeks 80%
Dr. Ujwalla H. Gawande
NPTEL course on The Joy of computing using Paython 12 weeks 75%

Achievements 2019-20

  • Dr. K. K. Bhoyar took Guest Lecture on Introduction to Machine learning at Priyadarshini College of Engineering, Nagpur on 02/07/2019.
  • Dr. Ujwalla H. Gawande delivered lecture at  STTP on Machine Vision at Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering, Nagpur on 18/12/2019.
  • Dr. Ujwalla H. Gawande was examiner for LEC committee at Guru Nanak Institute of Engineering and Technology on 19/11/2019.
  • Mrs. R. A. Fadnavis took Guest Lecture on Query processing and optimization at Aakar college of management for woman’s on 13/09/2019.
  • Dr. Ujwalla Gawande - "Best Engineering Teacher Award 2019", by Engineering Education Foundation (EEF) at K.K.Wagh College of Engineering and Research, Nashik on 31st Oct 2019.
  • Dr. Ujwalla H. Gawande gave lecture at  STTP on Data science at Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering, Nagpur on 18/12/2019.
  • Dr. K. K. Bhoyar delivered lecture at  FDP (online) on Data science at AICTE FDP BATU, Lonere on 01/05/2020.