Applied Sciences (Chemistry)


Dr. Prajakta U. Waghe

Ph.D. M.Sc., B.Ed.
Head and Associate Professor
Mail id: hod_chem@ycce.edu

Hearty welcome to the Department of Applied Chemistry at YCCE, Nagpur.  
The Department is a vibrant place with 5Ph.D. faculties out of 10 academic staff and dedicated supporting staff. The department encourages the faculty to attend seminars, workshops & conferences. The department motivates the faculty to publish papers in reputed journals, submit project proposal to funding agencies & to enroll for Ph.D program. The department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty, who are blend of knowledge and experience. The department provides safe, positive & intellectual learning environment. The aim of the faculty is to provide quality education to the student community by utilizing modern teaching aids. The strong basic foundation laid by the department helps the students to apply knowledge & to become a successful engineer.

Engineering Chemistry lab is well equipped with major equipment and caters to the needs of the students. Our courses are designed to provide students the knowledge of Engineering & Applied Chemistry, and also introduce them to various experimental skills. The subject has become as an essential part of the curriculum for all the branches of Engineering. Besides, the department has been constantly revising the contents of the theory and practical (laboratory) syllabi.

I wish Applied Chemistry students pleasant and successful semester in the Department!