Academic Council

(Tenure 2021-24)

Category SN Members Email-id Mob. Designation
The Principal as Chairman 1 Dr. U.P. Waghe udaywaghe@yahoo.com 9764996477 Professor in Civil Engg, YCCE, Nagpur; and Principal
Nominee of VC 2 Dr. S.S. Dhale shri22dhale@gmail.com 9822577961 Principal, Priyadarshini College of Engineering, Digdoh Hills, CRPF Hills, Near CRPF Campus, NAGPUR.
Nominee of VC 3 Dr. Sanjay Kelo principalnietm@gmail.com 9421818770 Principal, Nagarjuna Institute of Engineering & Technology & Management, Satnavari, Amravati Road, NAGPUR – 440 023
Nominee of VC 4 Dr.P.D. Pachpor pachporpd@rknec.edu 9822224647 Professorl, Deptt. of Civil Engineering, Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, RamdeoTekdi, Gittikhadan, Katol Road, Nagpur
4 outside experts from Industry, Commerce Law, Education, Medicine, Engg. etc, to be nominated by the Governing Body 5 Prof. Dr. N.C. Siva Prakash, Professor, IISc, Bangalore shivaprakashiisc@gmail.com 9449086370/ 9945274628 Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012
6 Shri Amol Deshpande, deshpande.amol@mahindra.com 9987671720 Sr. Manager - HR, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Mumbai
7 Shri Swapnil Shukla, spswapnil@github.com 9059141962 Senior Talent Partner (APAC Region) GitHub (Microsoft), Hyderabad.
8 Shri Urvish Pandey urvish.pandey@mastercard.com 9033022232 Lead - Campus Recruitment & University Relations, Mastercard India, Pune-M.S.
9 Dr. S.P. Raut hod_ce@ycce.edu 9422826611 Head, Dept of Civil Engg, YCCE, Nagpur
10 Dr. J.P. Giri hod_me@ycce.edu 9822929871 Head, Dept of Mech Engg, YCCE, Nagpur
11 Dr. S.G. Kadwane hod_el@ycce.edu 9730459847 Head, Dept of Electrical Engg, YCCE, Nagpur
All HODs 12 Dr. R.D. Thakare hod_ee@ycce.edu 9423603236 Head, Dept of Electronics Engg, YCCE, Nagpur
13 Dr. M.S. Narlawar hod_et@ycce.edu 9763822298 Head, Dept of Eletronics and Telcomm, YCCE, Nagpur
14 Dr. Mrs. R.D. Wajgi hod_ct@ycce.edu 9970238062 Head, Dept of Computer Tech, YCCE, Nagpur
15 Dr. R.C. Dharmik hod_it@ycce.edu 9158003335 Head, Dept of Information Tech, YCCE, Nagpur
16 Dr. L.B. Damahe lalitdamahe3379@gmail.com 9823289971 Head, Dept of Computer Science & Engineering, YCCE, Nagpur
17 Dr. Mrs. M.A. Adak hod_mths@ycce.edu 8793435532 Head, Dept. of Mathematics and Humanities, YCCE, Nagpur
18 Dr. Mrs. H.V. Ganvir hod_phy@ycce.edu 9011099089 Head, Dept. of Physics, YCCE, Nagpur
19 Dr. Mrs. P. U. Waghe hod_chem@ycce.edu 9823142770 Head, Dept of Chemistry, YCCE, Nagpur
4 teachers of the college representing different categories of teaching staff by rotation on the basis of seniority of service in the college. 20 Dr. S.V. Prayagi registrar@ycce.edu 9923172950 Registrar, YCCE
21 Dr. A.R. Bhagat Patil dean_pd@ycce.edu 8552963777 Asso. Professor in Computer Technology, YCCE, Nagpur; and Dean (P&D)
22 Prof. D.R. Raut coe@ycce.edu 9764996479 Associate Professor in Civil Engg, YCCE, Nagpur; and Controller of Examinations
23 Dr. Ms. U.H. Gawande ujwallgawande@yahoo.co.in 9822909287 Dean (R&D), YCCE, Nagpur.
Invitee 24 Dr. Mrs. G.M. Dhopavkar dean_tp@ycce.edu 9822087970 Dean (T&P), YCCE, Nagpur.
25 Dr. Aniket P. Munshi dean_sa@ycce.edu 9158000491 Dean (Student Activities)
1 faculty member nominated by the Principal (Member Secretary) 26 Dr. A.V. Patil, Dean (Academic Matters) dean_acad@ycce.edu 9822461251 Professor in Civil Engg, YCCE, Nagpur; and Dean Academic Matters