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:: Welcome to Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur::


Along with routine equipment required for laboratory practical, special equipment like
Loading frame 10t capacity for testing of wall panels Roof panels etc.

  • Proseque Hammer for Non destructive testing of concrete.
  • Plate Lode test apparatus.
  • Triaxial Compressive strength apparatus.
  • Profometer (Rebar locator).
  • Shotcrete gun.
  • Computer Lab of the department is well equipped with 15 computers mostly Pentiums.
  • Software line: STAAD Pro and Auto Civil Ver-7.
  • Software consisting of 11 modules performs calculation analysis, design and drafting for areas of surveying mapping, earth worth and Hydraulics.

Major Laboratories with important equipments :

SN. Name of Laboratory Major Equipments/facility Testing & Consultancy Work Carried Out
1. Strength of Materials Universal Testing Machine (Capacity-40 Tonnes), Fatigue Testing Machine Constructionmaterials testing
2. Geotechnical Engineering Equipments for field testing
1 Plate Load Test
Major Lab Equipments
1 Triaxial Shear Test
Site investigations for bearing capacity, Identification and classification, Pile Load test
3. Concrete Technology Compression Testing Machine (Capacity 2000 KN), Profometer, Crackscope Scmitz Rebound hammer, Loading frame, Guniting shotcreting equipment Construction materials testing, Concrete Mix Design
4. Survey Store Theodolites, Optical Theodolite, Automatic Level Demarcation of Plot boundary,Measurement of area, contouring, Layouts, etc.
5. Environmental Engineering Clean air work station, BOD Incubator, Spectrofotometer Complete testing of water and waste water,Some tests on Cement
6. Computer Centre P-IV & Pentium Computers, Printers, Scanner, Softwares Like Autocad, Staadpro, Autocivil, Networking & Internet facility  
  • Ferro Cement, Fly ash Utilization, Concrete mix design.
  • CADD.
  • Structural analysis and design of Buildings & Industrial structure.
  • Non Destructive Testing of concrete.
  • Design of environmental structures and system.
  • Contouring and other survey work.
  • Plate Load Test and other Soil Test.
  • Design of treatment units for water & waste water.
  • Rehabilitation of structures.
  • Tension, Compression, Shear, and Flexure test on materials include steel bars tile.
  • Fatigue test on metals.
  • Tests on concrete mortar and cements.
  • Non Destructive Testing of concrete.
  • Testing of wall panels, bricks and blocks.
  • Physical and chemical characterization of water & wastewater.
  • Tests on soil samples including triaxial test and direct shear test, Plate load test.